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As the world’s oldest art magazine, ARTnews has amassed a 114-year-old archive of articles.
Along with licensing our content for use in print and digital, we are able to license it for use in many other media: books, catalogues raisonnés, exhibition catalogues, films, television, course packs, and more.

Reprint Permissions

For all requests to reuse content from ART Media Holdings, please email us at:

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Set Dressing

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For set dressing inquiries, please e-mail us at:

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Reproduction and Copyright Information

ARTnews does not have copyright jurisdiction over photographs. If you request permission to use a photo, we will direct you to the photographer or photographer’s estate.
Before 1978, ARTnews has copywright jurisdiction over all text and layout with two exceptions:
•Anything written by Milton Esterow. If seeking permission to use his work, please contact
•Anything written by Meyer Shapiro. If seeking permission to use his work, contact Miriam Shapiro, the executor of his estate.

1978-2011: ARTnews does not have copyright jurisdiction over text, but does have jurisdiction over layout. We will direct you accordingly to the writer or writer’s estate.

2011-Present: Writers still own the copyright to their work, but ARTnews can reprint their text.

If you are a student requesting to use, copy, and/or scan an article for the purpose of individual research only , and will not be reprinting or reposting the content online, then the permissions delineated above are not required. Please see a complete list of our research resources below.
Any use of material from Art Media Holdings requires a proper citation.

The following is an example of a proper citation:
Hans Haacke, “Issues & Commentary: Museums, Managers of Consciousness,” Art in America, February 1984, pp. 9–17.

In addition to proper citations, any use of material from ART Media Holdings requires a credit line, such as:
Originally published in Art in America, February 1994. Courtesy Art Media Holdings, LLC.